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and Branding Experience

Business Ghostwriting & Content Marketing Services

Are you an expert in your field and want to increase your credibility, book more speaking engagements or craft an effective and powerful sales tool?


A well written business book can do all of these things.


And while you may be an expert at what you do, you may lack the skills to create a well written, easy to read business book that will engage your market and ultimately increase your sales.


I can help you create the book you envision. As ghostwritter for a recent international bestseller, I can take your expertise and knowledge and craft the ultimate marketing and sales tool in the form of a business book.


Please inquire for references and samples.



Jennifer is a patient, generous and trustworthy person who has a way to simplify social media and marketing to help her clients share their passion with the world.


Jen has done a wonderful job at helping me understand the importance of social media as well as taking the time to help me be more knowledgeable about how to use the new skills she shared with me.


~ Marie Millette

Connect with Customers & Visitors

Online visitors today are a very skeptical, web savvy group. Connecting and building relationships with this group is becoming increasingly difficult. Businesses now more than ever need to understand not only where and how to connect with these potential customers but also what drives them to make the choices they do.

Develop your online presence using great content with specific calls to action on your website, blog, Facebook Page and Twitter account to increase the number of unique visitors who discover your business. Make sure your business is listed on location based social media platforms such as FourSquare, Yelp and Google Places. Does your web presence need help? Visit my Services Page.

Develop New Customer Relationships


It is no longer enough to submerge your visitors and customers in advertising information and marketing messages. Your business needs to actively engage with customers at every point of contact. Visitors need to feel that they matter and that you are investing in a relationship with them. Not sure how to accomplish that?  Visit my Services Page.

Foster Existing Relationships

Previous or existing customers are one of your best sources of future business. They are also one of your most important means of advertising. Your business needs to work to maintain and build upon existing relationships. You also need to make sure that your website and other online advertising allows your customers to easily share your information with their colleagues, friends and family. Not familiar with the power of social marketing and sharing? Visit my Services Page.

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